4 steps to get your MMJ card

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Scottsdale MMJ Doctor

1st step in getting your MMJ card

1st step in getting your MMJ card in Arizona.Is to call the Scottsdale Marijuana Certification center a call 480-626-1888. Our friendly staff will answer any questions you may have. We often get asked how long the appointment is ? Usually the appointment is 30 to 50 mins long. The process of seeing the MMJ Doctor and filling out forms for the Az Health Department may take a little time.

2nd step to obtain a MMJ Cert

2nd step after filling out the paper work and stating you Medical condition you will see the Medical Marijuana Doctor. The MMJ Doctor will go over the paper work and evaluate and exam the condition that is listed. This process is used to help fill out your paper work. Any past medical record would be looked at this time. Once the MMJ Doctor has answered your questions and given you suggestions on different types of Marijuana products, the MMJ Doctor will fill out and sign off on the Az Department of Health Services form for the Marijuana Certification.

3rd Step to receiving your MMJ Card

3rd Step in the process is to check out at the front desk and pay for the MMJ card. The Medical Marijuana Card can cost $75.00 to $150.00 depending if you have Food stamps or a EBT card through Az state. The Doctor may charge $75.00 to $125 depending if you have past medical records that reflect your current medical condition within the last 12 months.

4th Step in having your MMJ card

4th Step is waiting for the Medical Marijuana Card to come in the mail from the Arizona Department of Health Services. This Can take 7 to 10 working days. Once you have you new Medical Marijuana Card you then can purchase MMJ at the local Dispensary’s. A list of Dispensary’s will come with the email you get from the AZDHS.